hausa Judges

Below you will find some of the most well-regarded and talented professionals in our industry.  These keen-eyed and generous hairstylists, hair colorists and make-up artists were 2022 judges in several regions for HAUSA.  We believe when selecting our judges, it is important our entrants know they are being evaluated by the best of the best our industry offers and not by their peers.  Additionally, we practice anonymous judging. Therefore, we recommend entering work not previously reviewed or published to ensure there is no bias.

Tom Connell

Peter Gray

Howard McClaren

DJ Muldoon

Andrew O’Toole

Luis Alvarez

William DeRidder

Robert Lobetta

Chris McMillan

Eugene Souleiman

Sue Pemberton

Gerard Scarpaci

Sergi Bancells

Leslie Munsell

Charlotte Willer

Jay Mahood

Sharon Blain

Michael Polsinelli

George Alderete

Nicola Clark

Lucie Doughty

Beth Minardi

Ruth Roche

DJ Riggs

Tippi Shorter

Lisa Vann

Vishal Baharani

Tim Connell

Anna Pacitto

Jeanine Lobell